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What You Need to Know About Forex Robots

A forex robot is a type of software that enables traders to conduct foreign exchange trading automatically without the trader having to make trading decisions on his own. The majority of forex robots are built upon a metatrader platform and make foreign currency-pairs buy or sell decisions. These types of robots have become very popular in recent times and while some traders fully embrace them, others are a bit sceptical abou...

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Savings Accounts

Almost every type of financial institution offers its customers the opportunity to open various types of savings accounts. Savings accounts are intended to help customers save towards particular savings goals including house purchase, motor vehicle purchase, education, vacations, emergencies and several other goals. These can be important vehicles for achieving financial objectives. However, some amount of discipline is required if savings accounts ...

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Premium Credit Cards

Not all credit cards are created equal. There are premium cards that offer various benefits to the holder based on the specific level of premium card held. Usually premium cards are available in silver, gold and platinum. These types of credit card are usually only available to customers with good credit rating and offer several perks to those who have the privilege of owning them.

Platinum cards offer the most perks and features and are only a...

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The Benefits and Dangers of High Frequency Trading

High frequency trading is trading that is carried out on a platform that allows for large numbers of trades at short time intervals. This is usually done by extremely sophisticated computers that are capable of analysing the markets and executing trades based upon prevailing market conditions. Usually, it is large investment banks or institutional investors that take advantage of high frequency trading. Although this type o...

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