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  (78.187.117.*): Hallo

Why i can not registriration me i life in turkey can you help me please

  (93.153.49.*):     24option

I have an account at 24option, can i buy at stock pair ????

  (93.153.49.*): broker    24option

Why not 24option broker???

  (93.153.49.*): brokers

I have an account at 24option, I can trade stock pair

  (93.153.49.*): broukers    24option

How often do you change brokers,I have to have an account with every broukers????

  (93.153.49.*): demo

chci demoverzy, s robotem......

  (86.126.209.*): Question    24Option

Hello I watched transactions in parallel robot which trades on 24option. But what made robot transactions were the winners from those on 24option. Why ?

  (109.182.167.*): robot

HEALTHY I want to test the robot on a demo account Free You can get the robot demo account 1mesec or portion of the profits Or loss of work LP, Marjan

  (107.77.169.*): Confianza    Español

Necesito informacion


Healthy Why I can not register ??

  (89.229.105.*): Help     24

Hello A COUMPLE OF WEEKS TRYING TO ENABLE A ROBOT Fails na to na on tej platform 24 I heve wto a od money which There are van pass on the robot od maja a transwer if do please help working on 3 shifts nasI do not suspend Time to Trade nad additional money if is possible please and help thanks

  (191.54.95.*): Informações

Não temos disponibilidade para o Brasil? Quando teremos?

  (87.244.210.*): Kontakct in slovakia language

Hello, I am Edita from Slovakia and I don´t speak english very well, I don´t understand many thing s in englisch language :D I wanna translate the page dualrobot in slovak language and I wanna have a contact of a person from my country, itś possible? thanks

  (95.42.251.*): problem

I can not create acount. I'm from Bulgaria .

  (31.7.58.*): Minimum Amount In Profits

I would like to know how much can a person make on average on daily basis? How many days does it really take to transfer the profits to the individual bank account?

  (181.198.96.*): Informacion


  (79.55.163.*): richiesta informazioni come iscriversi e come inviare il primo pagamento su quale conto    ?????

non riesco a spedire una richiesta d iscrizione che volevo valutare d iniziare il vostro tradee

  (105.188.141.*): Information

J'ai essayé de m'inscrire mais un message me dis aucun bloger dans ce pay

  (49.49.232.*): ไม่สามารถลงทะเบียนได้

เรียน แอดมิน ผมพยามลงทะเบียน แต่ระบบบอกว่า ประเทศของคุณไม่ได้รับการสนับสนุน สรุประบบรองรับประเทศไทยหรือเปล่าครับ?

  (181.104.66.*): Cuenta

Tengo una habierta con fondos en empire option bajo este mail y nombre. EL robot es compatible?

  (83.242.63.*): Re: Cuenta - Daniel

Hello Daniel, the list of supported brokers is always displayed inside the robot after you create an account. We do support EmpireOption but you must always create a new account inside the robot. Due to technical incompatibilities and differences we cannot connect old existing accounts to our robot. So please register to the robot and then follow the instructions.

  (212.43.55.*): problems

Здравейте. Прочетох последното ви съобщение - вашия съвет да си открия реална сметка, но да пробвам първо с по-малка сума /аз мисля да започна с 100Э/. Сега пък друг проблем, че не мога да вляза в акаунта си, а имам регистрация и отворена демо-сметка. Като отида на сайта ми се изписват автоматично и-мейла и паролата над login. Но като се опита да се логна, ми се изписва "Wrong email or password". Може ли да ми преведете какво означава това и защо става така?

  (213.167.1.*): registration

imam problem s registraciqta

  (93.152.141.*): i can't get registered    i ccan't register

u want to register on your site but the systems tells me that my country isn't supported .. i f you can help me register it would be perfect! :)

  (72.50.85.*): Quiero ganar dinero en poco tiempo.    No lo se. Srea la gente exitosa y con empresas o

Necesito identificar la manera de ganar dinero en poco tiempo. Es real esta oferta.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: Quiero ganar dinero en poco tiempo. - BrunildaTorres

Hello Brunilda, you can use our automatic trading robot to make money. Please watch the video on our homepage and then create a trading account. The robot will trade for you automatically and make you money every day.

  (94.155.225.*): I can not register.

I can not create an account. In that Foma registration can not register. I am from Bulgaria and write tel. Number, and leaves messages   "country What are the things to do. Thank you

  (116.58.254.*): สมัครไม่ได้

ไม่สามารถ sign up ได้ มันขึ้นcountry คืออะไร

  (83.242.63.*): Re: สมัครไม่ได้ - Phunyawee

Hi, we do not allow traders from Thailand, Brazil and Turkey to use our system.

  (89.102.232.*): query

I would like to know why I can not login to DualRobot ??

  (83.242.63.*): Re: query - George

Hi, you have probably forgotten your password. Please try to restore it on our robot subpage or create a new account with a different email.

  (185.21.220.*): Demo version    [email protected]

Where an I to find the free demo version, please ?

  (83.242.63.*): Re: Demo version - Petr Dedek

Hi Petr, our robot is always available in a demo version here:

  (125.27.51.*): support countries    no have

I am Thai. I can't register. Why not supported Thailand.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: support countries - Jittima

Hi Jittima, sorry we do not support Thailand in our trading system.

  (212.43.55.*): как, къде, на кого и обратно

Здравейте, пробвах автоматичния трейдинг като отидох на профила си и от там на "демо" - проработи. Сега, на кого, къде, и как трябва да изпратя парите за депозита? Как ще се информирам за спечелените от мен пари и кой ще ме информира? Как ще си получавам парите - къде и при кого трябва да регистрирам банкова сметка ? Как ще става обръщането в левове? Моля, посочете някакви адреси. Може ли, след първоначалния си депозит, спечелените пари да ги депозирам обратно - да си увеличавам депозита и от там печалбата? Кой ми е брокера... посочете ми го?

  (83.242.63.*): Re: как, къде, на кого и обратно - Todor Bozhikov

Hello Todor, first you have to register on our robot website: That will create you a broker account and you will be able to access your broker account through the robot website. The robot is absolutely free to use but to start trading you must make a deposit to one of the supported brokers. There are many deposit methods including credit card, wire transfer or Skrill and Neteller. To check your earned money you simply login to your DualRobot account and in the top right corner you will see how much money you have already made. The currency conversion (EUR/USD and other currencies) is always automatic so you do not have to worry about that. Withdrawal can be made to your bank account - you simply click the withdraw button and enter your bank account number.

  (201.81.215.*): I can not sign up

can not I register , I'm from Brazil ... look what appears in the message when I try to sign up ....your country is not supported

  (83.242.63.*): Re: I can not sign up - Andre Pereira da Costa

Hello Andre, sorry but we do not support traders from Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Bulgaria.

  (27.55.73.*): Not Registered

I have a problem on registration. The system tells me what. "You Country Not Supported."


Hello Suthum, sorry but we do not support traders from Thailand, Turkey, Bulgaria and Brazil.

  (125.27.48.*): not support Thailand    no have

I signed up, but it does not support Thailand.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: not support Thailand - Jittima

Hello Jittima, sorry but we do not support traders from Thailand, Turkey, Bulgaria and Brazil.

  (190.233.184.*): NO PUEDO REGISTRARME

Amigos de Dual Robot.un gusto saludarles.mi consulta es para hacerles saber que he intentado registrarme en su cuenta demo,pero me sale un mensaje que dice: "YOUR COUNTRY IS NOT SUPPORTED",a pesar que mi país (Perú) figura en la lista de países que están en el formulario de registro.Cómo puedo acceder a la cuenta demo amigos de Dual Robot?.por favor espero me ayuden a mi solicitud.un abrazo.saludos cordiales.

  (37.76.7.*): Bankolási kérdéskőr.     dual robot a good automatic application

Hi DualRobot Support, How much the payment quarante to profit funds? How settling off accounts from broker example or another team to me? The contract/agreement paper under must make subject matter to paying up of bank account. Thanks the correct answer of trade settling.

  (212.5.158.*): Как мога да печеля пари    Не знам!

Как да печеля пари от вкъщи?

  (88.227.34.*): ticaret

merhaba, umarım sağlık ve afiyettesinizdir. deneme hesabı açtım ama platformunuza giremiyorum, yardım edermisiniz? saygılarımla, ibrahim güler.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: ticaret - ibrahim güler

Hello Ibrahim, sorry but we do not support traders from Turkey, Thailand, Bulgaria and Brazil.

  (185.89.218.*): Interested in trading

Hi.. I have seen your system by suggestion. So I want to be confident about the robot that will make profit .. How about the minimum of invest in or d pend on broker. Can the robot run in ios system. Where is your master company located. Con robot work in Iq option.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: Interested in trading - Kitti

Hello, the deposit depends on you but we usually recommend 500€ to 1000€ to fully utilize the robots capabilities and options. The robot can run on any desktop or mobile device that has a web browser so you can use it on PC as well as on a Mac. We are based in Germany and to use the robot you must use an account newly created inside the robot (due to technical incompatibility we cannot support external broker accounts).

  (212.111.2.*): ask    best

How much costs it: Just now I have not money.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: ask - Mgr L. Kolmašová

Hello, our system is fully free to use. You can register and trade for free, the demo version is always available. However if you want to trade professionally and make money, you have to make a deposit to one of the supported brokers (this not a fee, it still remains your money which is available for investing).

  (221.142.64.*): 거래 시작하려니 안되네요..

거래 시작하려고 로그인 하려니 안되네요.. 어떻게 하면 되나요..?

  (83.242.63.*): Re: 거래 시작하려니 안되네요.. - lee joung chel

Hello, you can access our robot on this subpage:, if you have any specific problems, please let us know.

  (217.16.135.*): pozdrav

kako se sa time radi i koji su uslovi jer mozete mi objasniti

  (85.100.28.*): problem of the register

I try to open an account from Turkey but when I select to country the system do not accept my phone number and written "your countryis not supported"

  (83.242.63.*): Re: problem of the register - nurhak

Sorry, we do not allow traders from Turkey, Bulgaria, Brazil and Thailand to use our system.

  (83.242.63.*): Re: pozdrav - zeljko

Hello, the method is explained on our homepage: Please watch the video and create an account. Then you can start using our binary options trading robot which will make money for you automatically.

  (83.24.50.*): :)

first name does not match regex comes to me so just expressing what I do

  (83.242.63.*): Re: name characters - Błażej Kobus

Hello, please do not use non-English characters during registration So instead of Błażej use Blazej.

  (83.24.50.*): how to register

please state how to register because I can not

  (83.242.63.*): Re: how to register - Błażej Kobus

Hello Blazej, you can register directly on our website: and when your account is created, you will be able to login and start trading. You will also receive a confirmation email with your account details.

  (188.37.77.*): Eu não me consigo inscrever no site.    ...

Eu não me consigo inscrever no site,, e diz por debaixo da inscrição (Your country is not supported) o pais e Portugal. Podem me ajudar , por favor ...

  (83.242.63.*): Re: Eu não me consigo inscrever no site. - Andre Freire

Hello, sorry but we do not accept traders from Brazil, Turkey, Thailand and Bulgaria to use our robot.

  (90.180.234.*): obchod u IQoption    IQoption

Jsem již registrován u IQoption

  (83.242.63.*): Re: obchod u IQoption - Jaroslav Pavlík

Hello, for using the robot you must register directly INSIDE the robot to the selected broker. You cannot use old (existing) account as because of technical incompatibility they cannot be connected to the robot autotrading system. Hope you understand that!

  (59.94.95.*): Free Investment     AUTOMATED DUAL ROBOT


Register to the robot

In case you are new to trading but you still want to trade binary options with success, then Binary Option Robot is exactly everything you require. It's a 100% automated software that ensures you will be able to customize the settings according to your own individual requirements and to command the danger degree. Which means you are able to optimize your gains. It's simple to get started, you merely have to sign up and deposit the absolute minimum amount. You may have a wide selection of assets to select from and the average winning results that you will appreciate lie between 70 to 80%. You'll have a safe and secure trading environment with the Binary Option Robot. It's offering agents that are regulated to select from. It totally tolerates the investment rules and practices based on the EU law. That means profits and your investment both are definitely going to be safe. This ground-breaking trading system manages everything on your behalf.

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